Wednesday, November 20, 2013

J'adore mon petit chat

Mentira!, I got this little tinny kitty once to fulfill a hole that something else left, yes is true, the creature was as cute as a kitty is for as long as a kitty is a kitty, then they grow and become obnoxious un-comprehensive behavior moving creatures who have a personality, mine, Penelope, she was very bitchy, beautiful black coat, and white paws, very classy, she was independent, smart but as a smart a cat can be, she fetched,  she fucking fetched little beer caps, a friend of mine with some time in hands spend I don't know how long but long enough to teach a cat how to fetch, anyways, cat grew and with that my Asthma  yes Asthma came out really violent and ruin the situation, I was miserable and I naturally developed a rejection for the poor animal, but she was careless so it didn't really matter, no sleeping together, no hugging and or playing to close, no touching, no kissy kissy, etc, but she was really beautiful, short story long, I reduce the living situation in my apt, and decided to leave for 3 month to Chile and left the cat with the neighbor, when I got back they both had fall in love and he ask me to keep her, she was slimmer, and bitchier, but it seem like happiness for her, toys, petting, spoiling, healthy food, and even ipad games for the freaking cat, she is in heaven, I feel no guilt for once, went off allergy meds but kept the Asthma and I am extremely allergic to cats or furry stuff.

Now she lives across the hallway, rarely see her but know she is happy, I currently only have plants and lots of them.